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What Qualifies Someone To Become Miss India.

Celebrities are human beings like us that’s why they need to be respected and feel good about themselves, and a Miss something title is also a huge one for this one makes people embrace them. If you are planning to become a Miss something then you must understand that there are traits for one to qualify for that title and must be looked. This means that you must be very intelligent and very smart when in the public eye like they say the higher the ladder the harder they fall. Celebrities are big people who earn a lot of money that’s why when they are on top there they do feel superior and very big people.

Now, a title of Miss Universe is a huge one of which many women have been trying to reach there but in vain. There are many factors any Indian woman who wants to participate in the Miss Indian position need to qualify for before they are approved. The first thing to be considered is the age of the woman, this should be from 18-25 years of which many tend not to know about this thinking that they are suitable from any age. Younger girls are believed to be stronger and very flexible, of which this are what this title needs. Another thing to consider is the height of which this should be 5’5” as this is the standard height for people to qualify for the position Miss India. The height is neither too short nor too tall although when it comes to taller it doesn’t really matter, the problem is being shorter than what is required that is a no!

Miss India should be unmarried and not engaged at all this is according to the qualifications as a single woman is believed to be flexible and very reliable and also she can work under low pressure. Married women are not eligible to become Miss India as this title doesn’t suit their marital status as they are always very committed and always under lots of pressure. The reason, why they prefer single ladies who are not engaged, is because this job needs flex and it involves too much travels this means that a married woman cannot qualify. Also anyone interested in the Miss Indian position must be a citizen in the republic of India of which there must be good conduct and no criminal records whatsoever. If you are purposed to become Miss India then you must be a citizen of India or if you hold an Indian identity in the overseas you still can get a chance to become one of us. For those beyond age 25 they stand a chance t participate on the runner up position meaning from age 26 to age 27.

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