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Why Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Like Aric Cramer is a Good Idea

Making bad decisions is something most people will do in their lifetime. While some of these decisions will be minor, some bad decisions can cause a person’s life to change forever. Being arrested and charged with a felony is just the wake-up call some people need.

Once a person finds themselves in this situation, finding the right legal representation is a must. Without the right legal guidance, a person will find it hard to get through this situation. The following are some of the benefits that come with hiring a criminal defense attorney.

The Knowledge of the Law

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a criminal defense attorney is their knowledge of the law. If a person does not have this knowledge, they are bound to make mistakes that could jeopardize their freedom. Once a criminal defense attorney hears the details of a case, they will be able to offer a person guidance regarding how to approach this matter.

The last thing a person wants to do is go into a serious situation like this half-cocked. This is why working with a reputable and experienced lawyer is so important when trying to achieve the desired outcome in a case like this.

Knowing When to Take a Plea

In general, criminal cases will very rarely reach the court trial phase. Most prosecutors will offer a plea to a person to help them avoid a court case and severe punishments. When these pleas are issued, a person will need the help of a lawyer to figure out whether they are getting the best possible deal.

If the deal in question is not good, a lawyer will be able to negotiate on their client’s behalf. Accepting a plea deal without knowing the particulars will usually lead to a number of negative outcomes.

The best way to find the right lawyer to handle cases like this is by going in for consultations. For years, Aric Cramer has helped clients deal with the fallout of being charged with a felony. Call or visit his website to find out more about the types of cases he handles.

What’s Your Company Policy For Vehicles And What Are The Repercussions?

In Louisiana, commercial drivers must comply with all laws and company policies when operating company trucks and vehicles. A failure to comply with the law or policies could increase the risk of an accident. A local attorney can explain the laws and answer the question, “what’s your company policy for vehicles?” and define the legal ramifications.

Following Federal Motor Carrier Administration Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration requires all commercial drivers to follow specific regulations when operating a commercial vehicle. The drivers are required by law to complete an eight-hour resting period after each 12-hour trip. Any failure to comply could lead to exhausted driving and could cause a serious accident.

Submitting Driver Logs to Employers

All commercial drivers must submit their driving logs to their employers. Their employer must monitor the hours in which the drivers are on the road. The company owner is responsible for enforcing their company policies and ensure that the drivers follow federal regulations. Company policies may include additional measures to force drivers to comply with the law.

Submitting to a Drug and Alcohol Screening

All commercial drivers are required to submit to drug and alcohol screenings. The employer is within their rights to conduct random testing and ensure that the drivers follow the laws. Any driver that fails to pass the screen isn’t allowed to drive and could be terminated. Drivers who choose to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol could be convicted of a DUI and lose their license.

Renewing Commercial Driver’s Licenses

The company policy must also explain the requirements for maintaining the commercial driver’s license. Drivers are required to follow the necessary steps to renew their license prior to the expiration date. Any failure to comply with the law and company policies could disqualify the driver from operating a commercial vehicle.

In Louisiana, commercial drivers are held accountable for their actions on the road. If the drivers fail to comply with the law, the probability of an accident increases and places more people in danger. Company owners must define clear driving policies and enforce them to mitigate risks. Victims who were injured due to the failures of commercial drivers are encouraged to contact a personal injury attorney now.

Learn What to Do If You Are Involved in a Car Accident

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car accidents are so common, one out of four people will be involved in one at some point in their life. Some accidents can leave behind serious injuries and damages, and it is important injured victims know how to protect themselves. Here, you will learn What to do if you are involved in a car accident. With this information, victims can protect their rights.

Steps to Take After a Serious Accident

There are many steps a person needs to take to protect their rights after a serious car accident. Those victims who do not actively work to protect their lives sometimes find themselves victimized again by the insurance company and the entire process of pursuing compensation. Insurance adjusters are not always fair and they are not working on behalf of the victim. It is essential injured victims understand how to deal with the insurance company so they can receive the fair outcome they deserve.

Before making statements, signing documents, or speaking with the insurance company, it is wise for the injured party to consult with a lawyer. The lawyer will be able to offer valuable guidance that will assist the individual in being able to protect their rights and best interests as they pursue the insurance company for a fair settlement. Hiring a lawyer allows the lawyer to take over all of the negotiations with the insurance company, allowing the injured victim to focus on their recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

There are many benefits to hiring an injury lawyer to negotiate with the insurance company. When an insurance adjuster knows there is no lawyer working on the case, they are more than likely going to offer a lower settlement because they do not fear being taken to court. When an aggressive lawyer is on the case, insurance adjusters often respond more fairly.

If you have become an injured victim due to the negligence of another driver, it is your right to seek fair compensation. Call a lawyer today and ask to schedule a consultation appointment so you can learn more.