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Aims Why Organizations Implement the ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is an international standard which specifies the requirements for a quality management system. Organizations make use of the standard. They do so, so as to show their ability to meet the customer’s needs and the regulatory requirements. Organizations meet this needs by regularly providing products and services. With the implementation of ISO 9001 an organization is able to improve their work and meet the set objectives. The standard will ensure that staff are supported and the organization improves the customer satisfaction levels. There are several reasons why an organization implements the standard. Here, are some of the reasons.

Organizations implement it because they want to meet the customer’s requirements. Some customers can only do business with certified organization. Chances of business contracts with a customer are increased. The customer’s requirements are able to be met. The organization through the standard strives to satisfy the customer every time. This continuous satisfaction ensure that there is customer loyalty.

Implementation of the standard helps acquire more revenue and customers. The organization can advertise their quality certification. a new market is acquired by the organization. This will be useful when a customer required the certification to allow engagement with the organization. An increase in the number of customers served will lead to an increase of revenue. The organization improves with the use of the certification and its product quality too. The standard revolves around quality. The organization shows high level of quality by possessing the certification. The organization also shows a high level of the product quality. The quality management system will place the organization on a quality road.

An increase in customer satisfaction with the products is achieved. High quality products or services mean that they satisfy the customer’s expectation. Having quality means less complains and a better methods of dealing with the ones received. When an organization possess the certification, they are able to have an increased level of customer satisfaction. The ISO 9001 certification assist the organization in describing and communicating the processes of the organization. A business metrics is used to identify and describe the processes in use. This is used with the aim of better management and the ability to control processes. Understanding and communicating the performance of the processes is done by the use of the metrics. This is equated with the set quality objectives.

The certification helps in improving the consistency of the organization’s operations. This means that there is reduction in the variations of the processes used in the organization. Having no variation in the products and services offered to customers is important. Consistency in the output produced by an organization is assured by the ISO 9001. Efficiency is improved, money is saved and waste is reduced by the use of the ISO 9001.

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