What’s Your Company Policy For Vehicles And What Are The Repercussions?

In Louisiana, commercial drivers must comply with all laws and company policies when operating company trucks and vehicles. A failure to comply with the law or policies could increase the risk of an accident. A local attorney can explain the laws and answer the question, “what’s your company policy for vehicles?” and define the legal ramifications.

Following Federal Motor Carrier Administration Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration requires all commercial drivers to follow specific regulations when operating a commercial vehicle. The drivers are required by law to complete an eight-hour resting period after each 12-hour trip. Any failure to comply could lead to exhausted driving and could cause a serious accident.

Submitting Driver Logs to Employers

All commercial drivers must submit their driving logs to their employers. Their employer must monitor the hours in which the drivers are on the road. The company owner is responsible for enforcing their company policies and ensure that the drivers follow federal regulations. Company policies may include additional measures to force drivers to comply with the law.

Submitting to a Drug and Alcohol Screening

All commercial drivers are required to submit to drug and alcohol screenings. The employer is within their rights to conduct random testing and ensure that the drivers follow the laws. Any driver that fails to pass the screen isn’t allowed to drive and could be terminated. Drivers who choose to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol could be convicted of a DUI and lose their license.

Renewing Commercial Driver’s Licenses

The company policy must also explain the requirements for maintaining the commercial driver’s license. Drivers are required to follow the necessary steps to renew their license prior to the expiration date. Any failure to comply with the law and company policies could disqualify the driver from operating a commercial vehicle.

In Louisiana, commercial drivers are held accountable for their actions on the road. If the drivers fail to comply with the law, the probability of an accident increases and places more people in danger. Company owners must define clear driving policies and enforce them to mitigate risks. Victims who were injured due to the failures of commercial drivers are encouraged to contact a personal injury attorney now.